Can a third party candidate win the White House?

This is a common theme that people have talked about in the break room at work or more publicly on Facebook. They aren't happy with the two party system and wish there was another option. But when is the last time that a third party candidate made a serious run at the white house?

Brigadier General Doug Farnham met with employees at Maine Military Authority today and he said they were aware the contract was underbid, but they were somewhat shocked to see the Governor's announcement. He said work for them is continuing as normal...what's happening right now is more of a time out to assess the contract and figure out what the best move forward is both for the employees and for taxpayers.

NewsSource 8 The Evening Edition 09.28.16


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Understanding the role of victim advocates

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Matter of Finance 9.27

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WAGM This Morning 09.28.2016


NewsSource 8 The Evening Edition 09.27.16

Tenants of Washburn apartment building where meth lab was discovered express concern

Canada wants Kurdish promises before sending weapons, ammunition to Iraq

Madawaska Police Department involved in scary situation Saturday

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