NewsSource 8 The Evening Edition 10.21.16

NewsSource 8 The Evening Edition 10.21.16


The founder of the group says that letting people know they aren't alone is most important to him.

Two men who stole a car released from jail and steal another car in Houlton

Cyber attack caused major internet problems

Unlikely pair form special bond

ACAP healthcare navigators can assist those seeking coverage

The Aroostook Agency on Aging is working to save County seniors thousands of dollars

Juvenile vandalism has now done hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage

United Veterans of Maine working to help local veterans

Fitsource 10.21

Movie looks into spooky mystery surrounding farmhouse

You don't have to travel to find great history


NewsSource 8 The Evening Edition 10.20.16

State Board of Education approves site for new Caribou school

Democrats outpace Republicans in absentee votes in Maine

An unexpected find leads to moose rescue

More than 4,500 TV ads for Maine referendums

One creative writing assignment gets the entire school thinking about what their community means to them

Bruce Poliquin (R) & Emily Cain (D) Debate 2016

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