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Aroostook Jr. Robotics Competition

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University of Maine at Fort Kent.
4th Annual Aroostook Jr. Robotics Competition
MSAD 27, the University of Maine at Fort Kent, and a number of local corporate sponsors will be hosting the 4th Annual Aroostook Jr. Robotics Competition at the University of Maine at Fort Kent on Thursday, May 24. We are looking for teams to compete from all over Aroostook county.
The theme this year is Aqua Adventure! Team members will explore how we use water in our homes and in our communities. How is water transported, used, and disposed of? Why is it important to use water wisely? How is it treated? Teams will explore the journey of water and discover an area which could be improved and design a solution.

Teams will create and test a model to showcase their ideas and share what they learned on a presentation board. Teams will also be expected to share their engineering notebook to discuss improvement to their designs.

Teams will also be required to design their own water mascot using the LEGO’s or a 3D printed design to accompany their presentation and model.

Teams will design, build, program, test, and improve a team model to showcase their design on a 15” by 15” LEGO platform. This model will show the chosen journey for the water and the idea for how to improve a part of the journey. Be sure to use LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 or WeDo to build and program at least one motorized part of your team model.

This competition is open to grades 2 through 4 or ages 6-10. We recommend between 4 to 6 team members per team. Each team will need at least one adult coach, however more are always welcome. This competition is completely student driven and coaches are there to provide support and resources for the team. We are excited to open up this competition to teams outside of the school districts as well.

This year, a fee of $25.00 per team is being charged to cover the expenses of this ever-growing event. Payments will be accepted via credit/debit card only. You will be directed to a payment sit once registration is completed. More information about this exciting competition is available on the site as well.
Kelley Marquis, 231-1657, Fort Kent Elementary School

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