Bronze Military Grave Markers Stolen Off Of Veterans Graves

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The Aroostook County Sheriff’s office is calling the theft of bronze markers off of veterans graves a despicable act. Now the sheriff and the town manager of Smyrna are speaking out about the theft and how they need your help.

"How could you do this? Why would you do this? Why would you spit on the service of these great Americans?" asked the town manager of Smyrna Candy Nevers.

Those are some of the questions town manager Candy Nevers has for the person or persons involved in the theft of bronze markers off of veterans graves from the Smyrna village cemetery.

"We’ve got veteran’s day coming up families will be coming to these graves they’ll be saying gee where’s dad’s marker where’s my sons marker how upset are they going to be," said Nevers.

Nevers alerted the Aroostook County Sheriff’s office Tuesday that the markers had been removed and stolen.

"I was pissed off to be honest with you. Obviously a deputy sheriff responded looked the area over for evidence met with the town manager, looked over what might be there for evidence and obviously we started interviewing people in the community and started to collect evidence beyond the actual crime scene," said Sheriff Darrell Crandall.

Crandall says although it’s still early in the investigation, the sheriff's office does have some leads. But they’re still looking to the community for help.

"Aroostook County crime stoppers will pay a cash reward for anyone who comes forward and their information leads directly to the arrest of the folks who were involved in this," said Crandall.

The thefts occurred between Sunday October 1st and Tuesday October 3rd, and has left the community outraged.

"We want action taken we put it out on social media it’s being copied it’s being spread around we’re getting the word out. We want everybody to know. Somebody knows something," said Nevers.

A total of 47 veterans graves had their marker removed which is worth more than $4,000.

"We’re a small town we have a limited budget, we don’t have the money to replace these right now. I’m sure they’ll be replaced I know they will this is a good town with good people in it but we don’t have the money to step out right now and replace these," said Nevers.

The Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office and Candy Nevers are urging anyone who has information on the theft or if you see one of the bronze markers to contact the police immediately.