Caribou Fire Department holds ceremony on 16th anniversary of 9/11

A day that so many of us remember like yesterday...when terrorists took the lives of nearly three thousand people, and injured thousands more. Monday marked the 16th anniversary of September 11th, 2001. Remembrance ceremonies were held across the nation...this one in Caribou focused on the bravery of the first responders.

"While people were leaving the tattered area, running from the unknown, emergency personnel was rushing in to save the rest," said Caribou Fire Chief Scott Susi.

Susi remembers right where he was when it happened all of those years ago, he was working in surgery at Cary Medical Center. Ginny Donovan was right here at the fire station.

"The men that were on duty that day, you could tell by their faces the shock and awe and I can't believe this happened and you know your heart kinda went out," said Donovan.

Young students from Caribou don't have the vivid memories that we do...they weren't here. But they came out to the ceremony to learn more about the the tragic day.

"On that day the best of our first responders shone brightly," said speaker Troy Heald.

The ceremony included a special words from community members, a moment of silence for the lives lost and the sounding of the horn at the moment before the south tower collapsed, and a list of names of the first responders killed. As it would most anyone, learning about what transpired has left a mark on these children.

"They didn't know walking into work that day that that was going to happen," said student Madelynn Deprey.

A day that changed our nation and brought us closer together. A day that we can't forget and we won't forget.