Chocolate Festival at Teague Park School

The parking lot was full as families supported relay for life and fulfill some chocolate cravings. However, this event means more than just chocolate to Danielle Brewer

"I'm a thyroid cancer survivor of 11 years so I've been involved in relay for that time. "

She is the Captain for Team Huberr: building on a cure.

Brewer says, "we've had a team for 5 years now through Huber. It's a really great event all the relay teams come up as a joint fundraiser for the relay for life Aroostook County. "

This is Bill Hafford's first year at this event. He is here representing Team Heather.

Bill Hafford, "we want to get everybody aware of cancer not just breast cancer but all cancers. We want to pull the community together and see what we can do to make a difference. "

His advice doesn't go to someone who has been diagnosed with cancer but to their loved ones.

Hafford says, "Pull close, be as much of a person, be as strong as you possibly can for that person. Don't think about yourself, think about them. "

Here teams are responsible for setting up their own tables. When people walked in they purchased tickets and would give those tickets to the vendors for their desired chocolate.

Organizer Cuppy Johdro says, "everyone gets their own cut based on ticket sales. It smells so good in here I've already been to the chocolate fountain twice.

She wasn't the only one going for seconds. Cote Bourgoine tells me his favorite part about the event.

Cote Bourgoine "Go hug the Easter Bunny and grab chocolate, so the chocolate."

There were game for the kids to play to help calm their sugar high after all the chocolate