Cigarettes vs E-Cigarettes, What are the Dangers?

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Justin Veazie was smoking four packs of cigarettes a day until one day when his wife got him an alternative, a starter pen- or more commonly known as an e-cigarette. Veazie quit smoking two years ago; he attributes his success to vaping.

Vapors contain different amounts of nicotine, allowing the user to decrease nicotine levels. it's an electronic way of turning a liquid into vapor by heating it in a hand held device. He enjoyed vaping so much he opened his own shop called Everything Vapes and has multiple locations on the east coast, most recently Mars Hill.

”It's the same visual as smoking. It’s the same hand motion, that's what some people are missing when they go with a patch or chewing gum,” said Veazie. “Smoking is dry air whereas vaping is wet it's like a humidifier in a sick child's room , where they would use vicks vapor rub vaporizer, it's the same concept just a mini version of it.”

Many argue that vaping is not a safe or healthy alternative to smoking, and options like a lozenge or gum are better options. Bangor Public Health says that 89% of vapers are still smoking cigarettes after one year

“We do not consider vaping a healthy alternative, vaping is smoking an e-cigarette, vaping is a term they use to inhale an e-cigarette. It doesn't matter if it has nicotine or just flavor its just an e-cigarette if it's not a combustible type cigarette as in tobacco,” said Jo-Ellen Kelley, a Community Education Specialist with Healthy Aroostook.

Vaping is so new that science hasn't had the chance to catch up. There are not enough studies to determine the safety of vapor. It does appeal to children because it comes in so many different flavors, Everything Vapes produces 144 different flavors at their flagship store in Delaware.

“There has been enough studies done now that the 'stand' is they are not recommended as a healthy option to quit smoking,” said Kelley.

Veazie stands by his story and encourages people to decrease their nicotine levels through vaping.

“We've been doing this now about two years, and we have gotten about 7000 people to quit smoking.”