Custom Costumes from Recycled Materials

Mason Pelletier says, "This event is pretty much just like celebrating earth day"

It's the Fort Kent Elementary Schools Trash to Treasure Fashion Show. Before this event, students work with their parents to create these one of a kind costumes.

Pelletier says, "Trying to keep the earth clean like reuse stuff that's what we did with these costumes."

These second graders took recycled materials and made these costumes to show the community different ways to help protect the planet.

Reese Doucette says, "We use these little stick thingys and we reused cardboard boxes and my mom bought some ping pong balls and she spray painted them"

Some costumes use a more transformative inspiration. For Teacher Stacy Belanger, it's about inspiring and provoking change. She says "we need to be more environmentally conscious and learn how to take better care of the earth"

Reese Doucette says, "You reuse reduce and recycle stuff"

Pelletier says, "reuse stuff that's what we did with these costumes."

Pelliter was concerned about protecting the animals and keeping trash out of landfills

Pelletier says, "We are reusing stuff so it doesn't go in a landfill"

And to stick with the theme of reusing, the students are excited to reuse these costumes for Halloween