Democratic caucus to be held Sunday

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Registered democrats in the state of Maine will come together on Sunday to caucus. Hillary Clinton supporters will be in one corner of the room, Bernie Sanders supporters in the other. Those who are undecided will be somewhere in the middle.

“Both sides try to haul in these undeclared people to their side. We once has a Monsieur Duman, it was so much fun. I mean people came out of there on a high. I forget if he was successful but it added a wonderful ambience. These are friends and neighbors so usually it's a very positive experience people leave on a positive note,” said Judy Paradis, a former state Senator.

Those undeclared voters have the opportunity to learn about both competing sides, with the chance to get their questions about a candidate answered before they lock in their vote. This is unique to the Democratic Party.

”I have to say, I still haven't made up my mind yet. I’m waiting for the caucus to hear what people have to say. I haven't made up my mind,” said Jessica Feeley, Chair of the Caribou Democratic Committee.

That is the unique part of a democratic primary caucus, there is conversation before a vote.It isn’t just presidential candidates that will be decided. Many local races and delegates will be decided as well.

“A lot of people don't realize that everyone had the opportunity to get involved at the grassroots where your choosing candidates. if were not part of that process then yes it can be a very long time if we end up with people we don't appreciate it. I would sincerely encourage everyone to get going after mass or after church Sunday and move to your local caucus and express your vote,” said Paradis.

Young voters can get involved this election, if you are 18 on or before November 8th of this year. You can vote in the caucus if you are registered. Feeley says that caucuses are great because you are exercising your first amendment right in more ways than one. Not only free speech but freedom to assemble

“We have two excellent candidates, who represent very different things. The important thing that I tell people is, that when It’s all said and done all of us in the room are democrats, and we will support who ever our candidate is 100%” said Feeley.

The Democratic Party does allow for same day voter registration in Maine. So if you are undeclared or not registered, you can vote on Sunday.