Easton sees large influx of students after CCA closes doors

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EASTON, Maine It's been a little over a month since Cornerstone Christian Academy closed it's doors days before the first day of school. Many of those students decided to attend the Easton School Department, contributing to the largest group of incoming students the school has ever seen.

"The staff that we have here made me very confident that we would be able to handle the influx of students that we were going to get," said Superintendent Roger Shaw.

Shaw says that Easton's middle and high school took in a total of 50 students in just three days after learning that Cornerstone Christian Academy closed down.

"We're a school of 250 or 225 and now we're a school of 275," said Shaw. "The 50 or so students that came here were spread out between pre-kindergarten and grade 12 so it wasn't like we were inundated with one class."

The 50 new students come as an addition to the already 20 new students Easton received at the beginning of the school year. Shaw says that after enrolling the new students some class sizes have gotten bigger

"During the harvest break we have hired an additional education technician to work with the classroom teachers to help accommodate the increase," said Shaw.

The 50 students from cornerstone come from all over the area including Caribou, Mars Hill, Fort Fairfield, and Washburn

Shaw said they were in a dire circumstance and we were able to to step up and accommodate the request that were being made of them.

He also added that the although the transition is tough, he's confident in his school. "It's challenging there's no question about it but I'm confident in the staff, I'm confident in the community, and I'm also confident in the parents and the support system that those students have brought in as well."

And even though it's a challenge, Shaw says he forever stands by his decision.