Edmundston Airport Receiving Funding for Needed Upgrades

Edmundston, N.B. (WAGM) The Edmundston Airport is getting some much needed upgrades. Airport officials were overjoyed when the Government of Canada and the Province of New Brunswick announced a combined investment of 750 thousand dollars to go towards renovations.

"I don't think that there has been any improvements in the building for the last 25 years. So I did it on purpose to do the presentation here so people could see that it's not a luxury that we're asking, it's necessary," said Luc Michaud, President of the Madawaska Airport Inc.

The renovations will include the installation of fencing to increase the safety and security of the runway - and upgrades to the airport terminal to make it accessible to passengers and ambulance patients.

"In the year 2016 there were 60 landings here with air ambulance alone. So it's a service that we need. We save lives with that," said Rene Arsenault, member of Parliament for Madawaska-Restigouche.

Officials say these vital services will benefit the entire region.

"Travelling will be made easier and companies will come and we need to have that air access because to attract new companies we need air access," said Francine Landry, minister of Opportunities New Brunswick.

"For all the businesses in the area already that would like to have their plane stationed at the airport, or just to bring people to Edmundston to do business with our local business people," said mayor of Edmundston Cyrille Simard.

The Government of Canada and the Province of New Brunswick are each providing 375 thousand dollars. A double dose of support that airport officials are excited about.

"Small regions like here, to have somebody from the provincial and federal government work with us, was really encouraging, it shows that when people work together, they can accomplish things," said Michaud.

Michaud expects renovation work to start right away...and expects it to be completed by next summer.