Edmundston announces partnership with Blizzard for the Jean-Daigle Centre

Edmundston City Council has approved a partnership agreement with the Blizzard hockey team.

The agreement specifies, among other things, ice fees, the municipal contribution for the team start-up, spaces provided to the club, the use of corporate boxes, profit sharing, sponsorships and security.

The three-year agreement was approved at a special public meeting of City Council. The goal is to formalize the collaboration between the City and the hockey team. The agreement is directly linked to the Municipality's Agenda for the future, which stipulates that a pivotal organization has to be identified for the new community amphitheatre.

The City is committed to supporting the team during its start-up phase in the amount of $20,000 for the 2017-2018 season and a decreasing formula for the next two years, which could be $15,000 for 2018-2019 and $10,000 for 2019-2020. The figures will be subject to a revision based on the financial results of the team's start-up.

In addition, the Blizzard hockey team has agreed to pay the City an amount of $30,000 annually or 50% of the sales / rental of the corporate boxes (the greater of the two) as a refund for the purchase the team and the cost of building the community box for a period of six years, plus a one-time $20,000 payment in the 7th year.

The team will also pay a sum of $30,000 per year to the City following the sale of advertising space inside the Jean-Daigle Centre.

"The agreement is similar in many respects to those found in other amphitheatres that host a core team," said Mayor Cyrille Simard. "Several cities surveyed offer the use of ice at discounts. We chose to support the team otherwise during its start-up period. We are confident that the team will succeed in generating the revenue necessary for its operations."

The first game of the Blizzard inside the Jean-Daigle Centre will take place on Saturday, October 28th at 7:30 pm against the Summerside Western Capitals.