Everything's Green: St. Patrick's Day 2017

People love St. Paddy's Day.
Adam Fantasia says, "I'm a big fan of the spirit of the holiday."


Laura Buckley says, "We are going to be green head to toe."

Green beer, green hats, green everywhere. It can only mean one thing, St. Patty's Day is here. And green isn't the only tradition people at the Irish Setter Pub in Presque Isle are honoring.

Buckley says, "we have the bag pipes who come and that's an Irish tradition, we have fiddlers this year, and always fun to have a live band come and play our guests love it."

Drinking may be a big tradition for some but for Debbie Hersey, it's about enjoying a meal with her mother and talking about Ireland.

Debbie Hersey says, "we go out we have a meal and we talk about Irish things I guess. My mother has actually been to Ireland and my grandparents immigrated from Ireland. So those are some of the family ties."

Everyone's a little Irish or at least pretends to be on St. Patty's Day.

Fantasia says, "I can't remember any negative experiences on St. Patty's Day. Everyone is just super happy like yeah.. even if they are drunk or not drunk."

Some, like Adam, began the celebration early. But don't worry…

Fantasia says, "I did the smart thing and asked for it off. "