Free Smoke Alarms Through the American Red Cross

Kristen Simas is an American Red Cross Volunteer and says, "A working smoke alarm can save lives in a home by 50 percent."

And when you hear this noise… it generally means you have two minutes to safely exit your house.

Simas says, "we are installing smoke alarms in Houlton and the surrounding towns."

This is all part of the American Red Cross Home Fire Campaign where they offer free smoke detectors to anyone who signs up. 17 year old volunteer Carolyn Hannigan is working with students from the University of Maine and other volunteers to set up the smoke alarms.

Carolyn Hannigan is an American Red Cross Volunteer says, "we meet the homeowner and we come inside and we have three different main roles one is the smoke alarm installer which is what Robert is doing right here. And we have the documenter"

Hannigan says, "and then we also have an educator who while we are going through and installing the alarms they work with the homeowner and give them the education that goes along with the smoke alarms."

Education is a big component, they teach families how to create an escape plan and what to do if tragedy should find them.