Geary sentenced to 40 years for murder

The morning began with the court hearing victim impact statements from members of keith Suitter’s family. Suitter was found brutally beaten and stabbed in his Houlton home in March of 2015.

“I still remember getting that 2am phone call from my sister telling me that the state police were at her house saying that Keith was dead. I remember calling his children to tell them that their father had been murdered.”

Following those, witnesses were questioned by Samuel Geary's lawyer and the state. They included members of Geary's family including his mother. She claimed she asked her son to stay away from Reginald Dobbins. Geary's lawyer asked the judge to impose the minimum on this case.

Geary then stood and explained the events that took place on the night of Suitter death. He said he was very intoxicated and wasn’t himself the night of the murder. He apologized and said what he did was unforgivable.

“Mr Geary is sentenced to 40 years in the department of corrections.”

The sentencing for Reginald Dobbins was scheduled for today but that has been moved. No date has been set.