Head-on collision in Woodland

Yesterday around 2:46 p.m., the State Police responded to a head-on collision in Woodland.

The crash occurred at the intersection of the New Sweden Road and Thomas Road.

Troopers responded to the scene to investigate the crash.

The investigation revealed that 25 year old Jessica Doucette was traveling north bound on Route 161 in Woodland. As Doucette approached the intersection, a car driven by 88 year old Dana Small, traveling south, did not yield to her as the vehicle attempted to turn onto the road.

Both vehicles collided head on and went off the road.

Doucette was wearing her seatbelt and suffered bruising around where her the seatbelt was. She was transport to Cary Medical Center with minor injuries.

Small and his passenger suffered minor injuries and were also transported to Cary Medical Center to be checked out.

Both vehicles were towed due to disabling damage.