Help is Available to Sign Up for ACA

Patti Dorman works with people signing up for health insurance. She says she hears a lot of questions and concerns.

Patti Dorman is an Outreach and Enrollment Specialist for Pines Health Services and says, "A lot of people are looking primarily at the premium. A lot of people have not had coverage so they really don't understand the terminology the literacy of insurance so that's a whole area that we've learned we really need to spend time on."

The Affordable Care Act has provides free preventative services, helps people with pre-existing conditions, and prevents insurance companies from dropping patients because they are too expensive. Dorman says that people need to look at their individual needs to get the best plan for them and /or their family.

Dorman says, "not only what they can afford in premiums, how much the deductible is, what their coinsurance is, if they have a chronic illness, they may want to get better coverage so that the insurance actually covers more of their expenses."

There are different options when it comes to getting information about the best plan for you. Dorman says ACAP, Fish River, Katahdin Health and Pines Health Services are a few of the organizations that have people who can answer questions about enrollment.

Dorman says, "We encourage them to call us and it's all free, its confidential, its one on one services and we can walk through that application with them online a heck of a lot quicker than what they can do themselves."

A big mission of Pines Health Services this year is to reach children and their parents.

Dorman says, "there is still almost 7 percent of Aroostook County kids who are not insured and we want to reach them because it keeps them in school and they learn better, they are healthier."

and with premiums becoming an issue for people in Aroostook County and across the county, Dorman says there is still room for improvement.