Human Trafficking in Maine

Human trafficking is an issue around the world, as well as right here in Aroostook County.

“Human trafficking is when a third party uses force, fraud or cohesion to compel someone to do labor, or commercial sex work they do not want to do.”

Katie Kondrat is the program director for the Maine Coalition against Sexual Assault Program Director . She puts on trafficking training throughout the State.

The training session is to dispel some of the myths surrounding human trafficking. As well as bring the community to see what resources are out there to help those involved.

Law enforcement, sexual assault advocates and health care providers were just a few who took part in the training.

“Just looking to gain information and awareness on what human trafficking looks like here and how we can better support some of the people that we work with.

While it can be hard to see, people here say human trafficking is an issue in our area.

“We also did a study two years ago and found out that both law enforcement and service providers reported seeing human trafficking in every county in Maine.”

Kondrat is teaching these people the signs to look out for if you suspect someone is involved in human trafficking.

“People who work, sleep, eat all in the same place people who don’t necessarily have their documents on them, people who might travel out of state without means to do so, people who are involved in sex trade in one way.

The goal of the training session is to equip front line workers to see the signs when someone is being used for labor or sex trafficking.