MSAD 1 holds resizing and repurposing meeting

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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) MSAD One wants the public's help in planning for the future.

The district held a public forum meeting last night. It went over resizing and re-purposing of the district's buildings. They looked at numbers like enrollment projections and the operational costs for each of their schools. They also discussed the three sources of state funding. If the district decides to renovate it's schools, the estimated cost for that would be around six million dollars. The public in attendance did agree that the district should pursue the funding from the state.

"I agree that we need to take this year, and see what we can do and see if that legislation passes. But I think as a community we need to be fully ready to pull the trigger on that six million dollars. Because the further we kick the can down the road, we're just burning money," said Presque Isle business owner Derek Smith.

The district says that right sizing and re-purposing of the schools is about putting their money back into the classroom and directly impacting the students.