Maine Attorney General accuses Governor LePage of unlawful transfer of state funds

Gov. Paul LePage, (R) Maine

AUGUSTA, Me.- Maine's Democratic attorney general says the Republican governor unlawfully transferred over $10 million out of Maine's consumer protection trust fund.

Gov. Paul LePage said Thursday he directed the state controller to make the transfer. The governor has long been concerned that Attorney General Janet Mills' authority over millions of dollars from court settlements flouts the Maine Constitution.

But Mills said LePage lacked legal authority for the transfer. She said the fund's now overdrawn in violation of the law, court order and the Maine Constitution.

The two have long been at odds over how much power they have under the Constitution and state law.

Mills' office uses the fund to purchase naloxone for local police departments and sue corporations.

Mills is running for governor. LePage is term-limited from running in 2018.