Maine's season for luring bears with doughnuts coming soon

PHOTO: Black Bear, Photo Date: May 16, 2015

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) Maine's fall hunting seasons are drawing near as it will soon be legal to lay bait in the woods to attract black bears.

Hunters are allowed to place bait for bears in Maine starting July 29th. Bait is typically sugary human food such as doughnuts.

Hunting for bears with bait is then legal from Aug. 28th to Sept. 23rd. Bait isn't allowed during the rest of the hunt, which stretches until Nov. 25.

The fall hunt for moose runs from Sept. 25th to Nov. 25th. The season for hunting deer with firearms begins Oct. 30th and ends Nov. 25th. The archery season for deer is longer, beginning Sept. 9th in some areas and lasting until Dec. 9th.