Meet Washburn's New Police Chief

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There’s a new chief in town. After Washburn residents voted to keep the police department, the town now has a new police chief.

"It’ll just give me an opportunity to try and make a difference in this small community," said Thibeault.

Robert Thibeault was selected as Washburn’s new chief of police and began his first day of work on Monday.

"Very recently the opportunity came up to start working as the chief of police in Washburn and I took the opportunity," said Thibeault.

Thibeault started his new position after about two months after Washburn residents voted to continue to have police coverage in their community.

"They decide to keep the police department and I came back to speak with the town manager again, told her I was interested, went through the interview process and was offered the job shortly after," said Thibeault.

"We just felt that Rob was the right individual for our town, for the position, we felt that he had the right mentality and would be just a good fit for the community and our police force," said Washburn Town Manager Beverly Turner.

Now that Thibeault has started, he he has quite a bit of work to do… starting with the staff.

"Currently we are looking for a full time police officer and as many as 6 to 8 or 10 reserve or part time police officers. As of right now I am the only full time officer here."

And with the budget he’s given, Thibeault says that won’t stop him from rebuilding the police department

"I’m an outside of the box thinker, the budget here is pretty small for the police department. But there are ways, grants, other programs available that I’ll be looking into to try to supplement the budget to get the needed equipment and personnel," said Thibeault.

Both Thibeault and town manager Beverly Turner are excited to see what comes next for the department

"Rob is very approachable, and is very kind with people and if anyone is interested please stop in and see him and get to know him a little bit. I think it’s a very positive move and I think people will be pleased," said Turner.

"I’ve just come in with the attitude that if the people like what they see and if I get out in the community and talk to business owners and and visit the school and just talk to citizens and serve them the best that I can. They won’t ever have the idea cross their minds of getting rid of the police department," said Thibeault.

And Thibeault hopes residents will see the hard work and passion he will put into the community.