Republican caucus to be held Saturday

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Republicans across the state of Maine will have the chance to caucus for their favorite presidential nominee. In the county there are only three caucus locations. Fort Kent, Presque Isle, and Houlton.

“It’s actually a vital part of the Maine election process. It gives every person their turn to speak. Their turn to say hey this is what I want. It's very important that if you're a republican, you need to show up,” said Geri Martin, warden of the central Aroostook caucus.

Martin says that the caucus process is not stressful; it’s actually a casual gathering of politically like-minded peers. The ballot at the end of the day is a private ballot. No one can see who you chose as your candidate.

“All the republicans get together and have a good time. We have coffee and donuts and everyone shares their views, their thoughts ask questions. It’s a good time to learn about the election process,” said Geri Martin.

Some people who have never caucused before may find it intimidating. But, Chair of the Aroostook County Republicans, Blake Winslow says that it’s important to be a part of the process.

“I can see how it can be an intimidating process because there is going to be a lot of folks there and they are caucusing. There will be presidential surrogates speaking, at our caucus locations,” said Winslow. “Just get involved. That’s the one thing to become at ease, get involved, caucus, and vote.

If you are not registered, or undeclared, you can register to vote republican on sight. If you do plan on caucusing for the Republican Party, You should know that you need to bring a photo ID to vote.