Robert Craig Found Guilty of Murder

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CARIBOU - Bud Ellis the Asst. Attorney General said, "We are very gratified, we thought the case all along was a murder trail or a murder case I should say and the issues were pretty limited obviously murder trials typically take a lot longer. There wasn't a complicated factual scenario it was really just believing it happened one way or the other. "

Stephen Smith the Defense Attorney said, "We are disappointed, Mr. Craig is a very kind sweet old man these actions were nothing he anticipated or sought out we respect the jury but disagree with its verdict."

The family of Leo Corriveau is happy to put this behind them.

The family said, "we are very happy with the outcome of the verdict and on to the sentencing"
--A Florida man has been found guilty of murdering his friend in Presque Isle last summer.

A jury in Caribou decided today that 81 year old Robert Craig murdered 86-year-old Leo Corriveau.

Corriveau's daughter found his body in his back yard after a scuffle between the two men.

During the trial, Craig admitted to killing his friend, but says he did it to save himself.

Craig said he felt like a prisoner with Corvo.

He said when Corvo didn't stop at the travel agency he began to get "panicked and scared" saying, "I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible."

Craig stressed he became scared with Leo's mood changes saying "he was ok one moment then he wanted me to leave."

The state spent a lot of time trying to highlight inconsistencies with Craig's story.

Jurors also heard testimony that the two men got into a spat over money for a bus ticket for Craig to go back to Florida.

More details of the final day in court will be available at 6.