Social media used to spread the word of Thibodeau's disappearance

Over the past week nearly 4000 people have visited ‘Find Father Clement Thibodeau’.

“It’s just a central location to try and keep everyone up to date.”

Lynn Jones is Thibodeau’s niece. She says it’s been a long few weeks since her uncle went missing.

“It’s very frustrating, it’s very sad to begin with but frustration is where I think we’re all at right now. There’s just no information besides the fact we know he left his apartment at 8 o’clock, we know the route he took to get where he was going. They do have cell phone records to show what area he was in.”

That area has been searched by Maine Warden Service and is now being combed by Down east emergency medicine institute, also known as DEEMI.

“We have a search area of interest because of the ping. So it’s basically a radius to the south of the Lee tower that’s giving us an area of interest 14 miles south.”

The search and recuse group says its been flooded with volunteers wanting to help with the effort.

“What you do with search and rescue unfortunately is you are eliminating areas, you’re not really good at finding someone until you actually find them, you’re just making sure he’s not here, and here and here.”

Despite the large area and little information, the search group says they will continue sending crews out and doing flights over the area.

“They’re an amazing group. I have 100 per cent confidence and faith in them that if somebody is going to find him it’s going to be them. They just don’t think like we do.”

On Friday a jeep team will be sent to the area to continue the search. After that a flight is scheduled to go up where the crew takes hundreds of photos to see if there is anything of interest to search on the ground.