St. Francis Celebrates 50 Years

The Friends of St. Francis hosted the towns 50th birthday. While The weather didn't fully cooperate, it didn't stop the party.

Cindy Jandreau the President of Friends of St. Francis says, "I'm really disappointed with the weather because most of our events are outdoors but we are going to make the best of it."

Events like this are to help build moral for a small town that felt like it was losing a lot. Jandreau says success of these kinds of events has an even bigger impact on the town.

Jandreau says, "Our town was really dying, our school got closed, people were moving away, and so it's very important to bring people back. we've sold 8 homes because of this."

One of the activities was an apple pie contest… 7 pies 5 judges. For the kids, there was face painting and the exciting event of the Candy Dance.

William Grange a 10 years old says, "When the music starts you dance when the music stops you can pick up the candy but you can't keep it. You have to drop it once the music starts back up again and then in the end you can grab as much candy as you want."

5 year old William Grange shows off all the candy he got during the Candy Dance.

airheads, lollipop

As part of bringing the community together people got to see a demonstration of the Jaws of Life. Jandreau says the birthday is a way to give back to family, friends and neighbors.