Taste of the County: Veggie Lasagna Rolls

Tonight on taste of the county, Rob joining us, looking at something, it could probably be used for a dinner right?
Yeah we're going to do some veggie lasagna rolls today and these are individual rolls so we're going to start off with our pasta and I'll show you what we're going to do here. So we've got our water to a rolling boil here and just like any other type of pasta you're going to cook you're going to want to salt your water and you want to oil it a little bit.
These are going to be individual portions so we're going to use the lasagna noodles here, so we're going to drop those in and you want to do this first because you want your pasta to chill, so while you're pastas cooking you want to get an ice bath ready. Those are going to take 4-5 minutes I would say.
So now that our noodles are cooked we're going to prepare our filling and the foundation of this filling is basically ricotta cheese, so we're going to take this and get our mixing bowl, so we're going to put that in there. Now the thing with ricotta cheese is you always want to mix an egg with ricotta cheese, it gives it a nice creaminess, that's really going to make that nice. Then we're going to add some shredded mozzarella cheese right in there and then we're going to add our veggies. That's about a half a cup of fresh sliced mozzarella. Our veggies we're going to use a carrot, mushrooms and spinach. I've got some fresh spinach here, you just want to take off the big steams, just so you have the leafy part left. Just going to take this and chop this right up, that'll go right in there. Then we're going to slice our mushrooms, these are just sliced, so our mushrooms are all sliced up, put those right in there. Now we're going to shred our carrot, the easiest way to do that is with your grater right here.

Now we're got about a cup of carrot here I think and that's pretty good, so we're going to put that right in there also and lastly grate some nice parmesan, about a quarter of a cup. You want to get the flavor from your veggies, you don't want to overpower it with a lot of spices. Just use a little bit of garlic.