Bengals Interim Coach looking forward to rest of season

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Fort Kent, Me (WAGM) - University of Maine Fort Kent Interim Women's soccer coach Larry Simpson is on campus and preparing the team for the rest of the season. Simpson is filling in for Lucas Levesque who accepted a job in Rome Georgia. Simpson has collegiate coaching experience most recently at Kentucky Wesleyan College. He says that both Athletic Director Bill Ashby and Levesque have worked closely with him to make a smooth transition.

Larry Simpson:"Whenever something is successful the ball is already rolling. My job is to come and keep it rolling and maybe correct things as they go. Our goal is going to be the same as with Coach Levesque to make it as far in the post season as possible."

The Bengals are one of the country's most successful soccer programs. They have won 6 USCAA National Championships including the last four in a row. Levesque coached his final game last Thursday when the Bengals stopped UM Machias. Levesque and Simpson co coached the team on Saturday when they stopped Fisher. Simpson says that he and Levesque have similar coaching strategies

Simpson:" I like to play a high pressure game and Coach Levesque had a 4 4 2 and that is something I am very familiar with. I am not going to change it, but I might try to raise the intensity. I like my teams to have defensive intensity and attack as well."

Simpson says he has been in the St John Valley for less than a week, but already feels welcome

Simpson:" I have heard a lot of support for the community. Bill told me they would recognize you pretty quick and warm to you pretty quick. I have been to picnics and a lot of different things that showed this to me. I have been very pleased."

The interim coach has worked with Ashby in the past . Simpson says he feels a little bit of pressure, but he knows that the team will put out a great effort.

"Simpson:" I am going to do the best I can and I know the girls will do the best they can. Lucas has set us up for success. I have a lot of confidence in this."