Caribou Marathon is just a month away

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CARIBOU Me (WAGM) - The second annual Caribou Marathon is just over a month away. Sponsors and organizers of the race came together on Monday to unveil the logo and the design of the shirts.

(Christina Kane- Gibson):"I am thrilled I think everybody is excited for this race. We hear about it everyday. People are calling people are signing up. The Facebook page has been lit up with activity. Now that we are one month out people are ready to go."

Event organizers and Municipal Officials discussed the importance of the race during a press conference and photo opportunity with sponsors from the Platinum level to the bronze level. Organizers have changed to route this year to take out some of the many hills that runners had to battle last year.

(Chris Bernier):" We took a survey at the end of last year to see what went right and what we could improve on. The common theme we understand it is hilly, but is there any way we can cut out some of the hills. We did a lot of research ran a lot of miles and put a lot of miles on a bike. We drew up going to River Road and back and it seems to be a winner so far. The feedback we are getting from local runners is it is going to be a great course."

This year the runners will not be running the same loop twice.

Bernier:" At Hogan Tire the runners from the half marathon and the marathon will separate. The half marathoners will come into town here and finish and full marathoners will go out across the river to River Road and back and into the finish."

Once again this year there will be children's races, and both marathon and half marathon events for both individuals and relay teams. The race is one of the final Boston Marathon qualifiers before the Boston deadline for entry. Bernier says the race is for the serious runner and also for the runners who just want to experience the event.

Bernier:"There's a lot of great runners here in the County. A lot of great runners who want to come and see the County and see Northern Maine. We want to make sure they know this is not some small town fly by night race that we threw together. It is a professional race and a competitive race . If you put in the training and want to qualify for Boston and you want to throw down with some of the best we will give that to you. If you want to come and walk it and enjoy the scenery and get your medal at the end we will do that for you as well."