Carlisle finds itself in odd situation to qualify for states

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(WAGM) - Carlisle is in the Penobscot Valley Conference, but since they are considered a Class "A" team, they have to qualify for states at Natanis with the KVAC schools on Tuesday. Head coach Mark Weeks says that's not a bad thing because they'll get to play on the course where states are held.

"It's a great opportunity. We recently found out we are going to be playing at the KVAC qualifier at Natanis golf course, which is the same course if we are lucky enough to make it, we'll play the state match at. We get to take six kids down there which is a change from the PVC conference that we played in last year which only allowed us to have five. So that's a good thing for us," Weeks said.

Weeks is hoping the team can peak at the end of the season and get one more match in before the season is over.

"We hope we have a chance as a team. I think realistically we'd have to play our best to be competitive enough to make it to states. I really think we have two or three kids who can qualify as individuals. So I'm looking forward to each of those kids having a chance," Weeks said.

It only gets more complicated for Carlisle, as Libby Boone will not be trying to qualify with her teammates at Natanis. She will be competing at a different course on a different day. Weeks explains her situation.

"She had the chance to qualify at the KVAC at Natanis. Since the MPA deems that to be a more challenging course, they allow girls to have provision to qualify at a different course. So we're going to send her down to qualify at the PVC conference championship at JATO on Thursday of next week. It will just be her and I going, I hope she gets the advantage of me being able to walk with her and coach her through the 18 holes," he explained.