Flynn has a busy summer

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Former Presque Isle goalie Jillian Flynn is working hard this year as she gets ready to enter her second year with the University of Maine women's hockey team. Flynn is traveling twice a week from Portland to Exeter, New Hampshire to work on her game.

Flynn:"I am on the ice for an hour and do yoga for an hour. I am on the ice with some pros and some pro shooters and goalies. I have guys from BC and UNH shooting on me showing me no mercy. It is a good time and it is a good learning experience."

Flynn continues to work on her game as she enters her second year with the Black Bears. She says the twice weekly workouts are very fast and demanding

Flynn:"I was doing a drill yesterday and the guys were passing the puck back and fourth so fast. I looked at the guy and said I am struggling to keep up. He is like your mind set is right and that is what matters. Once you get back with the women it is going to be a slower pace. You are going to be thinking ahead already because you already know what you are doing."

Flynn had an outstanding career in High School with the Wildcats and says it was an adjustment to the Collegiate Women's game. She won an exhibition game against Mt Allison at the Northern Maine Forum and played 11 minutes in a regular season game.

Flynn:"That was one of the biggest things i had to adjust was the fact going from guys to girls. I had never been on a girls team. The shots are different the way they think is different. The way they move the puck everything is different. I had to learn a lot in that aspect, but I think I covered some ground. I still have some learning to do, but I think I am adjusting pretty well to the girls game. "

Flynn says that the three U Maine Goaltenders built up quite a bond. Fellow freshman goalie Carly Jackson was the team's starter

Flynn:'We are a unit. If Carly has a bad game we all had a bad game not that she has many bad games. If she has a good game we all feel we had a good game because we are working together. We have a great freshmen corp from last year and the sophomores and juniors we have a great corp. we have a huge freshmen group coming in a lot of Europeans so it will add some spice to our game."

Flynn has been very busy this summer. She leaves for a camp in Toronto Friday evening. She is using today as a day of relaxation

Flynn:"My mom was like do you want to the gym today and and i was like I am going to take this one off I have a lot coming up."