Guerrette hopes to get invited to 2019 Olympic trials

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PORTLAND, Me (WAGM) - St. Agatha native Tracy Guerrette set a new personal best in the Maine Marathon on Sunday. The time of 2:43:45 meets the US Olympic trials qualifying standard, but there is some confusion on whether the time will get her invited to the Olympic trials in 2019.

Tracy Guerrette:"There are different rules with the US ATF and so the Maine Marathon course is a sanctioned course but they're not sure if it is a qualifying course for the Olympic trials which is kind of unfortunate because I did run a sub 245. My coach Rob Gomez who is a wonderful man has help me a lot in my running he's working on it and looking into it."

Guerrette has had a great year winning several road races this year. Her times continue to get better each and every time out. She says that she now has a new marathon time in mind.

Guerrette:" The B qualifying time is a sub 245 the A qualifying time is eight sub two 237 that's my new goal if you qualify with the a standard they help pay for travel their airfare all that kind of stuff you still qualify but it's kind of like another goal to work towards."