Hornets look to defend their title.

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The Ashland Hornets girls soccer team has won two of the last three Class D State Championships. Over the last three years the Hornets are 53 and 1 losing to Richmond in the State game two years ago.

(Pete Belskis):"There is always pressure, but we try to use it to our advantage. I don't think the girls take anything for granted. They are just a terrific bunch of kids who have had a lot of success. They have worked really hard for their success."

(Micayla Driscoll):" It is really exhilirating to be there all three years. I feel like there is a lot of pressure this year to get back because we are a really young team. We have to build up those players to their potential so we can go back this year."

Amber Chasse is one of six seniors on the team. Chasse has played just a couple of game during her high school career. She has suffered torn ACL's in both knees. She is chomping at the bit and can't wait to play in game situations

(Amber Chasse):" I am really happy I have only been able to play in two games. I am really excited to be back for my senior year."

The Hornets have won 49 straight regular season games. Ashland has six seniors, three juniors and sophomore and 9 freshman on the team. They lost two players to graduation and lost one of the teams leading scorers to a knee injury earlier this year

Belskis:" We have a system where we have kids preparing for the next season. We are able to move a few kids around. Losing McKenzie Carter was a big loss to us, but we are not going to dwell on that. We are not a one dimensional type of team."

The Hornets have been a high scoring machine over the last several years. Morgan Doughty says the players take pride in not being selfish and spreading the wealth

(Morgan Doughty):" We attack the net and work together . We look for the opportunity and the open person . We try to hit them so they can score. We are well rounded and like to share the glory."

Driscoll:" With Amber coming back and Morgan her cousin on the other side they work really well together. They will be crossing balls back and fourth to each other . We will get a lot of scoring opportunities that way.

Ashland opens the season in a little over a week. Belskis says they will continue with the mantra one game at a time

Belskis:"You can only control what you can control. If you have injuries or the like that can also hurt you. We just try to take it one game at a time."