Kayla Buck prepares for her first Boston Marathon

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Kayla Buck of Mapleton will be running in her first Boston Marathon on Monday. Buck qualified for Boston with her finish at the Maine Marathon last year.
Kayla Buck:" My first Boston getting up to it was a difficult challenge. I didn't think I was actually going to qualify for the race. When I got to the finish line and saw i was 5 minutes ahead I almost fainted. Just really excited and anxious for the race to come."

Buck says she was shocked with her finishing time in that event because of a very full schedule

Buck:" I had a busy year I was getting married. I had a lot going on until that race so I figured if I didn't get that one I would try for it again the next year, but I got it and felt happy."

Buck ran for two years at the University of Maine Presque Isle. Her success in college made her motivated for a trip to one of the most famous marathons in the world.

Buck;' Running Boston became a goal of mine after I started running at the University of Maine Presque Isle. I made it as an All American and the next step was Boston."

Last week when we shot the interview it was a typical day this winter with snow and windy conditions.

Buck says that training this winter was a challenge and that she watched a lot of movies while running inside

Buck:" My brother and sister in law inherited a treadmill they didn't want so we moved it over to my place. It has helped this winter. I don't mind running in the cold, but it is the wind and it has helped. It hasn't been fun running on a treadmill."

Buck says she will enjoy the experience on Monday morning.

Buck:" Tapering down and not doing as many miles has been nice heading toward Boston."