MPA approves reclassification, tweaks co-op team enrollment rules

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(WAGM) - The Maine Principals Association voted on the classification proposal and approved the new numbers for classification that will be effective in the fall.

First let's take a look at basketball. The numbers for basketball Class AA 800 and up, Class A 550 to 799, Class B 325-549, Class C 130-324, Class D for schools with enrollment under 129.
Aroostook County schools that will be moving because of this will be Houlton, who drops down to Class C and Central Aroostook who moves up to Class C.

The numbers for baseball softball and soccer have been changed. Class A soccer is now 665 and up, Class B 400 to 664, Class C is 175-399, Class D will have schools with enrollment to 174.

There are some changes in football. Class A 845 and up, Class B 650 to 844, Class C 470- 649 Class D teams up to 469 students. They also added a fifth developmental class for teams with low participation numbers.

Nordic skiing numbers had a slight change. 600 and up in Class A, Class B 400-599, and Class C under 399.

The MPA also tweaked the cooperative team rule. The current rule is that all schools' enrollments are added together. The change approved is that one school will be designated the host school and have the entire enrollment counted. Other schools will be considered "sending schools," and they'll have just a percentage of their student enrollment counted that's equal to the percentage of athletes that school provides to the varsity roster.

For example if a sending school has 2 players on a team of 20, they will account for 10% of the co-op teams roster. So now 10% of that sending schools enrollment will count toward the cooperative team for classification purposes.