MSSM skiers enjoying first year on the trails

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The Maine School of Science and Mathematics has a cross country ski team this year. First year coach Jesse Sandstrom says the team is enjoying the competition.

<(Jesse Sandstrom):"Everything is going good.This is the first year of the program and we are getting out there and having a great time."

(Oliver Waynman):" I am really happy I think we have a great representation from MSSM on our nordic ski team."

(Samantha Zwecker):" I think it is great that we have so many people skiing in nordic. Our school is new to sports and I think it is great."

Sandstrom says that he is very happy with the number of skiers competing. He says they have 14 skiers on the team. The Coach says the numbers flucuated early in the year, but he is very happy with the number who are attending races now.

Sandstrom:'We had a good initial turnout and then we had some drop, but then we had some people come back and see this is for them and it turned out great."

Many of the MSSM skiers are in their first year of compeition

Waynman:" I thought it would be a great way to stay active in the winter. I enjoyed something and learning things. This was something that I have wanted to try. I have done it recreationally with my mother and I thought it would be fun to give it a go competitively."

Zwecker says it is great that so many of her classmates are giving skiing a try and they are all bonding.

Zwecker:" It's a great way to make friends and everyone is very nice and supportive."