Maine Sports Legend: Phil Faulkner

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The Maine Sports Legends will honor the Class of 2017 on Sunday in Waterville. Howard Lello will be honored posthumously for his work with youngsters in Limestone and Caswell. Also inducted into the Hall of Honors are long time Presque Isle Recreation and Parks Director Keith Hayward and Phil Faulkner who has coached and worked in education for almost 50 years. Over the next two night we will get Hayward and Faulkner's reaction to being recognized. Tonight Faulkner talks about receiving the award.

(Phil Faulkner):"As time get closer I think it is the nicer awards I have been offered. I am really pleased. I need to thank Bob White and Dwight Hunter they put my name in and got me through it. I appreciate the time they took . This is one of the better organizations and it is the nice award or reward that I have ever received."

Faulkner stays very active he continues to umpire high school softball games, is a substitute teacher and continues to coach at the middle school level.Faulkner says that working with kids is very rewarding.

Faulkner:" If it wasn't for kids I wouldn't be doing this. If you do things for kids they appreciate it and they keep you young. I really never had a kid give me a really hard time. I am still active I substitute and I just enjoy being around kids."

Faulkner graduated from the University of Maine Presque Isle and is in the Owls Hall of Fame. The veteran educator and coach says that when his name is announced on Sunday he will be thinking of some special people who helped him get his start

Faulkner:" I am going to thank to my mother and how much work she put into me to get a college education. The Jewell Brothers in Monticello. You would work you would make 10 dollars a day, You would get 9.60 you would keep 60 cents in your pocket and the other nine dollars you paid on your college bill. Mom and dad came from a real low income and they really helped me to get through and put me where I am now."