NFL Quick Picks Week 10

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PRESQUE ISLE, Me (WAGM) - It's time for the NFL Quick Picks. Last week Rene beat Tim Vernon who works at MMG Insurance Company. Rene had four wins compared to Tim's three. This week Isaac takes on Rene who sent in his picks from Virginia Beach.

First game they disagree on, Rene is taking the Saints and Isaac has the Broncos
They both think the Jets will stop the Rams, the Falcons will take down the Eagles, and the Bucs over the Bears.
Rene is picking the Vikings, Isaac is going with the Redskins.
Then a few more they agree on, they think the Cowboys will beat the Steelers and that the Patriots will stop the Seahawks on Sunday night football.
Then for the Monday night game Rene is siding with the Bengals, Isaac picks the New York Giants.