Presque Isle and Caribou form cooperative golf team

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First it was the Carlisle swim team and now it's the Carlisle golf team.
Caribou and Presque Isle High Schools are teaming up and will be running a cooperative golf team this year. Both schools have struggled with numbers over the last couple of years and combining the teams increasing the numbers and also should make the team more competitive.

(Dave Wakana):"We are down in numbers and they are down in numbers. We thought we would combine and have a better team and save some money for the schools when you work together you save money."

(Mark White):" It was going to be close whether or not we would have fielded a team or not. This way at least for the next two years we know we have a place where our High School can play and we will see what happens in the future.

Wakana says that combining forces is a good thing for the two squads

Wakana:"Pretty much a win win situation for both schools and with golf it is a no cut sport so everyone gets to play. You have to designate your starters, but all the kids who go out for the team will get to play."

Marc Weeks will be the golf coach and he is excited to have the increased numbers

(Marc Weeks):" It will be good for both schools. The more cooperation you have the better off both will be. It is good to have more numbers. Numbers at both schools were dwindling over the last few years just by population decreases and other factors.

Carlisle will utilize both Presque Isle and Caribou Country Clubs. Two matches will be held at each club and team members will hold practices at both clubs at times during the season

Weeks:" We will use both courses. We have already worked that out with both courses. It won't exactly alternate week by week but will rather be based on each Country Club's schedule. It will also depend on where we play our home matches. We are splitting home matches evenly between the two courses. The week we play Presque Isle as a home match we will be practicing there and vice versa with Caribou.: