Racers enjoying Maine Event at Loring

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LIMESTONE, Me (WAGM) - The Land Speed Races continue at Loring through the weekend. The three day event in May was canceled due to rain, but racers have had plenty of time to make up for lost runs this week.

"We had to call that off early because we had entrants as far as Texas and Wisconsin and for them it's a two day trip. So we made the call early to cancel and it was a good decision based on the weather that was forecasted and came to fruition. Everybody loves the five days because they can accomplish what they want to accomplish. And most people either leave with their equipment either broken or bored," said event director Joe Daly.

Last year race organizers expanded the Maine event in July and so far it has been well-received by the racers.

"It definitely makes it a lot better to come up here, especially when you're traveling long distances. You have a better chance of good weather on some of those days," said Alan Maines from Connecticut.

"We looked into this event the last four or five years and said I'd like to do that, but it's so far away. Then they expanded it out to a four or five day event and I said it's worth it. If we lose a couple of days to weather we'd still get two or three days," added Bob Keselowski from North Carolina.

People from different parts of the country marked this week on the calendar because of the new schedule and the hospitality of the area.

"This is I think the fourth or fifth year we've come up here. It's always a good time and the people here are great and it just turns into a big community," Manes said.

Speed is the name of the game and several racers say the track is in good shape and look forward to the week of racing.

"It's okay and it's fast, I mean really fast. My first run down the track I probably won't go full speed. You vibrate and you shake and like I said the track is a little old and rough, it's an old gal. It exaggerates and makes you think instead of going 250 you're going 450," Keselowski explained.

"I've Land Speed raced for most of my life. I've been to Bonneville, Ohio, North Carolina, Texas. But I say this is by far the best venue," Daly added.

"It's very nice, especially this track. It's very exceptionally well taken care of. The other tracks we've had in the past we've had a lot of issues with. So we are very fortunate to have this place," said Thomas Cronan from North Carolina.