378 lives lost to drug overdose in Maine last year

Maine marijuana debate continues to heat up

Maine DHHS will increase access to addiction treatment resources

Medical Monday

Arm transplant recipient says he can now hold fiancee's hand

Rising cost of Medicaid expansion is unnerving some states

Regulators: Doctor concocts vaccines with cat saliva, vodka

Maine vehicle has latest tech for testing impaired drivers

Maine lab recieves major grant to help fight Alzheimer's Disease

Hearing held at NMCC for those wishing to speak out about brain injuries

Ohio boy seen in car with passed-out adults gets new home

Study reveals sugar industry's attempt to shape science

Study: Five-second rule is too generous for fallen food

CDC Director: Just a few weeks' of Zika funding remain

TAMC walk-in clinic closed today

Health officials: Hepatitis B cases on the rise in Maine

Over $600,000 in funding coming to Maine to combat Heroin and Opioid epidemic

NMMC agrees to pay $125,000 to settle CSA allegations

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