Syria's military to reduce airstrikes for Aleppo evacuations

Putin suspends nuclear deal with US

Officials: US to send more troops to Iraq to help with Mosul

Probe: Malaysian jet downed by missile launcher from Russia

US Military: No doubt Russia is responsible for aid convoy attack

Pentagon: US troops now operating with Turks in Syria

Veterans and community members take part in local ceremony for a holiday often forgotten

US flies nuclear-capable supersonic bombers streaking over ally South Korea

Seoul: North Korea's 5th nuke test 'fanatic recklessness'

Stealth destroyer ready to set sail to join US Navy

Turkey in cross-border operation to free IS-held Syrian town

USAF declares the F-35A ‘combat ready’

N. Korea threatens war over joint military operations

U.S. backed fighters uncovering troves of data for U.S. intelligence

U.S. taking role in Mosul retake, humanitarian crises expected

How to properly display and store Old Glory

$15.5 million Maine Army National Guard facility coming to Presque Isle

U.S. Apache helicopters have entered combat in Iraq

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