Stores seeing increase in last minute Christmas shopping

Christmas is almost here and many people are still out shopping for gifts. NewsSource 8's Brandon Beville has more on how stores are doing so far this holiday season.

Congressional Heroin Task Force cracking down on addiction

Political opponents join together to fight a common enemy: addiction. Washington Correspondent Kyle Midura explains.

Impact of raising minimum wage

The new year brought changes to Maine's minimum wage. Workers are now getting $10 an hour and that will continue to increase over the next few years. NewsSource 8's Ashley Blackford looks into what that means for Aroostook County.

Longtime town manager stepping down

A longtime town manager in Aroostook County is stepping down. We told you earlier this week that Donald Guimond of Fort Kent is resigning his post because he simply thinks it's time. News Source 8's Katie Zarrilli spoke with Guimond today and tells us about some of the hard times and the special times he experienced during his career.

Matter of Law 1.10.18

In this edition of Matter of Law, attorney and legal contributor Luke Rossignol talks about the legality of business owners to either or not refuse customers because of morality issues.

Medical Monday 01.9.18

A New Year brings a renewed focus on technology at the Aroostook Medical Center. In her final look at the changes and happenings planned for 2018 throughout the healthcare organization, Shawn Cunningham talks to CEO Greg Lafrancois about the relevance of technology. Its this week's Medical Monday.

Making The Grade 1.8.18

In this week's Making The Grade we feature a conversation with a former Gauvin Scholar about the success of the program and why choosing higher education in the county is a great way toward career success.


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