As Seen on WAGM This Morning: Dana Delano Pt. 2

On this segment of WAGM This Morning, Dana Delano from NMDC guests and talks to Shawn Cunningham about small business development services in Aroostook County and an upcoming workshop with the US Small Business Administration.



Search continues for missing priest

“It’s hard not knowing anything as far as where did he go and then you know you keep replaying and asking the same questions why did he leave that time of night, why did he go to the area, if he wanted to travel there why didn’t he wait until the morning.”

Rene's Quick Picks September 22nd

Rene Cloukey makes his quick picks.

A piece of Maine from NYC Worlds fair

In this episode of Grandpa's Attic we visit an exhibit that once sat at the world’s fair in the mid 1960’s. It was a display to showcase Maine’s rail way system and it still is on display at the Oakfield Railroad Museum.

State Police biennial inspections

“Every other year we inspect all the troops for the units for a couple reasons. Number one I think it’s good to get out and meet the troops, working in Augusta you’re busy doing political things, you don’t get the opportunity to get out and meet and greet the people that work for you and it’s an opportunity for them to make sure they are ready to do what they have to do. Get their cars ready, their equipment’s in shape, we’ve inspected their vehicles, we inspected them.” - Colonel Robert Williams. Maine State Police Chief


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