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Grandpa's Attic: How vehicles got across rivers when there were no bridges

Have you ever wondered how some vehicles would get across rivers when there were no bridges? In this episode of Grandpa's Attic the Allagash Historical Society tells us of one way.

Blitz Day for the Salvation Army's Red Kettle Campaign

Hear them ring - as you've been doing your Christmas shopping this year you may have heard the Salvation Army bell ringers working to raise money for their important cause. Today was Blitz Day for the Red Kettle Campaign. We met up with a bell ringer at the Houlton location who told us how donations are doing this year. Here's NewsSource 8's Katie Zarrilli.

Presque Isle Organizations Partner To Raise Money For New Community Playground

This year one of the big draws for financial support is the community project this year....fundraising to put in a new playground at Riverside Park in downtown Presque Isle. The effort has been a unique collaboration between a number of civic groups and the City of Presque Isle. NewsSource 8's Shawn Cunningham takes a look at the effort and why organizers say it will not only enhance the downtown district but unite the community in a series of events, gatherings and activities.

Taking you inside the County's first ever sober living home

The County's first ever sober house opened about a month ago...we told you about that when it happened. Recovering drug addict Erik Lamoreau made it his mission to offer support in this way to those getting out of rehab and wanting to start a new way of life. We now want to offer you a more in depth look inside what's known as Allen's Way and tell you a bit more about why its essential to this community. Here's NewsSource 8's Katie Zarrilli.

Police arrest man in connection with car burglaries

Police in Caribou arrested a person who was reportedly prowling around residents property and breaking into their cars. According the Caribou Police Department, officers reported to the Grimes Mill road where the incident had been reported and tracked the burglar from the footprints he left in the snow. After about an hour, officers caught up to 27 year old Adam Guerrette of Caribou, who then attempted to run. He was arrested and charged with four counts of burglary of a motor vehicle, three counts of theft, one count of condition of release because he was out on bail and failure to submit to an arrest. Officer Douglas Bell says this crime has become known as "car shopping."


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