Val Flewelling on Pickers

Val Flewelling on Pickers

University of Fort Kent hosts annual Sucrerie

Acadian heritage and maple sugar were celebrated today in Fort Kent for the annual "Sucrerie." NewsSource 8's Brandon Beville was there and tells us how this event shines a light on Acadian culture.

County man wins grand prize at Screw Off! competition

A County man won the grand prize at National Nail's CAMO Screw Off! competition. The event took place at the Northeastern Retail Lumber Association's LBM Expo in Providence, Rhode Island. Otis Nelson, of Modern Roofing and Siding in Ashland, first qualified at SW Collins in Presque Isle and then moved on to the final event, beating out 28 other competitors along the way. During the event, finalists faced off in a series of speed competitions with the winner moving onto the next round. The "Elite 8" then battled down to two finalists, with Nelson taking first place with the winning time of 41.5 seconds. Nelson won a brand new 2017 Harley-Davidson motorcycle as his grand prize.

Program continues to help local seniors make safety improvements to their homes

A program is helping local seniors make safety improvements to their homes. NewsSource 8's Kathy McCarty visited the Fort Fairfield agency to see how the program has helped local seniors.

Program aims to educate youth and families about screen time

The 5210 Let's Go program at ACAP, along with the Aroostook county Health Network are hosting both youth and family viewings of Screenagers, a video aimed at teaching youth, teachers and family members how to be healthy with today's technology. Screenagers can be viewed at the following time and locations: March 20, 2018 at 1:40 p.m. Student viewing - Easton, March 21, 2018 at 6 p.m. Family viewing at Easton High School (GYM), March, 29 2018 12-2p.m. Teen and Family Viewing Washburn Jr/ High School (GYM), April, 2 2018 Family Viewing 6 p.m. Central Aroostook Jr/ High School (Music Room), April, 12 2018 Family Viewing at 6 p.m. Wisdom Jr/ High School (Cafeteria), April 13, 2018 Student Viewing – Wisdom (St. Agatha).

Washburn looking to address flooding problems

Officials in Washburn are pursuing a $1 million dollar grant to address annual spring run-offs. Kathy McCarty met with the town's highway foreman and has more.


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