Easton Hosts Veteran Celebration

Students in Easton held an assembly yesterday to honor local veterans. Students in all grades joined the assembly to thank those who have served. Katelyn White, a senior at Easton High School, says that their class helped organize the event. She said that the day was full of celebrations for the veterans.

ACAP receives grant to help women pursue non-traditional occupations

ACAP is embarking on a new program that will enable more women to pursue non-traditional occupations. NewsSource 's Kathy McCarty has more on how this will help women find new careers they may not have considered before.

Maine author shares his love of the woods and wilderness with County youngsters

A Maine author is sharing his love for the Maine woods and wilderness with County youngsters. Tim Caverly is sharing his new book called "Andy's Surprise" with these youngster at Pine Street Elementary. After a long absence for the past few years, the Parent Teacher Organization brought back a school-wide book fair. The event featured Caverly as a guest speaker and reader of his children's books. A former Maine Warden, Caverly says his experiences with wildlife have led to him writing books and creating characters from all kinds of creatures including moose, ducks and deer. He says the books help kids tap into their curiosity and imagination.

Annual Northern Maine Agri-Business Trade Fair Cancelled

An event that has taken place for 37 years here in the County will not be happening this year. Organizers have cancelled the Northern Maine Agribusiness Trade Fair, set to take place in a week and a half. Tim Goff was working as the event director for this year and said they built up momentum last year, having upped the attendance by 40 percent. He says the Fort Fairfield Chamber of Commerce merged with the Quality of Place Council last year, and that's who was set to put the event on. Goff says they began working on the event in October but suddenly last month, some of the puzzle pieces came out of place. He said they had some problems with contact, but says the main reason for the event shutting down was the quote "negative impacts of a positive economy." For one, many vendors had issues getting new product to display at the show because they were selling it, and two, unemployment being low made the event difficult to staff. Goff says it was an incredibly difficult decision that kept him up at night, but he's confident he made the right one for the right reasons.

Madawaska votes in favor of marijuana ordinance

Madawaska voted in favor of a marijuana ordinance at a special meeting last night. The town will place a moratorium on the sale and growth of marijuana for a retail. Gary Picard is the Madawaska Town Manager, he says the town has asked the Legislature to clear up the ambiguity in the state law, but they're not sure that will happen in this legislative session.


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