Easton students raise money for Honor Flight Maine

Students in Easton held an assembly yesterday to honor local veterans. Veterans from the area were invited to breakfast, which was followed by a short assembly. This year, the students raised money for honor flight Maine, a program that sends veterans to war memorials in Washington D.C. At no cost to the veteran. The school raised $839 dollars for the program. These students shared why they felt the raising money was important.

Emera Maine defends rate increase

Emera Maine is defending a rate increase that will affect customers here in the County.

SFE moves to Loring

A business specializing in manufacturing stainless steel products now calls Loring home.

Canada considers tax on maple syrup

Canada is considering cutting into one of Maine's signature industries. Washington Correspondent Kyle Midura looks into whether those who conduct cross-border trade should be worried.

Third graders put their green thumbs to good use

For the fifth year now, Fort Kent Elementary School third graders have put their green thumbs to good use, raising flowers to brighten the days for others in the community.

Man canoes from Fort Kent to Old Forge, NY

A man who traveled by canoe from Fort Kent to Old Forge, New York, has returned back to his home in Vermont. Peter MacFarlane makes hand crafted cedar canoes. Back in May, MacFarlane took one of his canoes and traveled through rivers and lakes starting from Fort Kent all the way down to New York. He said this isn't the first time he's traveled between the two towns, but says this trip posed a new difficulty. "Maine In particular, what I liked the most was some of the lakes," said MacFarlane. "Especially the Allagash headwater lakes, so Churchhill, Eagle, Chamberlin. They were absolutely gorgeous, mainly because I hit them in good weather. Five years ago, I hit them in lousy weather and they were less gorgeous, but they were absolutely wonderful and they were calm. So, deep water and calm conditions, it makes for ideal travel by canoe. If you asked me what I like less about it, it would be the head wind. I had some brutal head winds to fight against." McFarlane adds that the he loves the route he took because it allows him to see all of Maine's amazing rivers.

Seniors take trip down memory lane

A group of seniors recently got the chance to take a look down memory lane. Inspired by our very own segment, an assisted living facility hosted their own Grandpa's Attic with items from the past. NewsSource 8's Ashley Blackford explains.


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