State police explain why you should be clearing off your cars after it snows

State police are reminding people to clean off their cars before they hit the roads. Driving with snow covered windows can be dangerous, not just for the person behind the wheel, but also for other motorists. "We encourage motorists before they leave their house in the morning, if we did get a snow fall through the night or a heavy frost or some ice, make sure to have your vehicle warmed up so the windows are clear," said Lieutenant Brian Harris of the Maine State Police. "We see it all the time where someone is in a hurry they just get in the car and drive off and they have the little ten inch peep hole looking out the window. That is a violation of law that you could be fined for and get a ticket for, but also it's a safety issue where you can't see going through an intersection or cars coming at you if your windows are cleared off." Harris says it's also important for motorists to clean off the top of their vehicles. Flying snow and ice can be dangerous for other people on the roads.

AM Chat with Shawn Cunningham: Aroostook County Junior Achievement in Focus

On this edition of AM Chats, Shawn interviews Mark Wilcox, the Chair of the Aroostook County branch of Junior Achievement of Maine. Wilcox talks about the ten year success of the program and how its helping put county youth on the path to success.

Feed the County Family Fun Fest to take place this weekend

Participants in an event on Saturday have the opportunity to make meal time less stressful for those in need.

Madawaska officials looking to revitalize downtown

Madawaska officials are looking to revitalize their downtown. The economic and development director for the town says efforts are already underway to improve Main Street, with the goal being to attract more people to the community.

Co-op benefits organic dairy farm

Being part of a co-op has its benefits. Kathy McCarty spoke with a local dairy farmer about what it means for his organic dairy.

Improving rural health care

Health care providers now have more of an incentive to offer services to rural and underserved communities. Kathy McCarty met with a state lawmaker to discuss the passage of his bill that addresses the need for more doctors and dentists in some parts of Maine.

Quebec fires cause hazy conditions in Aroostook County

Firefighters from across Canada and the northeastern United States have been sent to Quebec this month to help fight multiple forest fires. Despite the distance from the fires, a haze can be seen in towns throughout the County and in neighboring New Brunswick. Local fire departments say concerned residents are calling about the hazy conditions and smell of smoke.


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