State police explain why you should be clearing off your cars after it snows

State police are reminding people to clean off their cars before they hit the roads. Driving with snow covered windows can be dangerous, not just for the person behind the wheel, but also for other motorists. "We encourage motorists before they leave their house in the morning, if we did get a snow fall through the night or a heavy frost or some ice, make sure to have your vehicle warmed up so the windows are clear," said Lieutenant Brian Harris of the Maine State Police. "We see it all the time where someone is in a hurry they just get in the car and drive off and they have the little ten inch peep hole looking out the window. That is a violation of law that you could be fined for and get a ticket for, but also it's a safety issue where you can't see going through an intersection or cars coming at you if your windows are cleared off." Harris says it's also important for motorists to clean off the top of their vehicles. Flying snow and ice can be dangerous for other people on the roads.

County loses longtime radio host

We lost a longtime, well-known Aroostook County voice over the weekend. Dennis Curley, also known as Douglas Christensen, of Channel X died of a stroke on Friday. Curley bought the station more than 3 decades ago and has been heard and respected by County listeners ever since. NewsSource 8's Katie Zarrilli spoke with a colleague about the man behind the microphone and the legacy he leaves behind.

Program aims to teach children about law enforcement

A program aimed at helping youngsters have a better understanding and respect for law enforcement happened today at the Presque Isle Regional Career and Technical Center. Presque Isle Police Chief Matt Irwin, Aroostook County Sherriff's Officer Shawn Gillen and State Representative Trey Stewart were all on hand reading to these youngsters who are in the ACAP Early Childhood Program through CTE. The center not only serves the needs of high-quality early learning for small children, but also serves as a learning laboratory for high school youth interested in pursuing early childhood as a career. But it was these law enforcement officers and Stewart who has been an advocate for law enforcement at the State House who were providing the important lessons about good citizenship and character by their interaction with these youngsters. And they're hoping these lessons last for lifetime.

Tax Tips Thursday 1.18.18

Its the return of Tax Tips Thursday with Tim Poitras of Chester M. Kearney. This week, Tim dolls advice on the changes impacting taxes with sweeping new legislation that came into effect at the end of 2017.

Matter of Finance 01.16.18

In this edition of Matter of Finance Shawn Cunningham continues her discussion with financial consultant Brian Hamel dolling advice on how to get your finances in order for 2018.

Medical Monday 01.15.18

A New Year brings the number one resolution for most people. Getting in shape and getting moving. But how many people have taken up the mantle to do just that now two weeks into 2018. Shawn Cunningham takes a look in this week's Medical Monday.

Making The Grade 1.15.18

For some time now, Headstart centers have been actively engaged in the mission of promoting early childhood education and a love of learning through literacy through a variety of center based and home based programs. Its the focus of this week's Making the Grade.


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