Matter of Finance 01.2.18

In this edition of Matter of Finance,Thompson-Hamel LLC. consultant Brian Hamel dolls advice to get your financial houses in order for 2018.

ACAP Splash Event

Today at Dr. Levesque elementary School in Frenchville they and a splash party and Fun day to promote 5210 Lets Go Program. Brandon Beville was there and has has the story.

Conversion Therapy Part 2

A bill that looks to ban conversion therapy for minors by licensed therapists and social workers with the goal of changing that individual's sexual orientation or gender identity has passed its first hurdle. The House of Representatives voted to pass the bill today. The bill is now on its way to the Senate for a vote. Yesterday on News Source 8 we explained how the bill came to be, why its sponsor Ryan Fecteau believes its important, and why opponents say it takes rights away from parents and religious counselors. Tonight we look further into what conversion therapy is defined as by the bill's sponsor, and we hear from a Christian counselor on how its passing would impact her work.

Ashland hosts Maine Art Education Associaiton Spring Conference

The Maine Art Education Associaiton Spring Conference was held in Ashland on Saturday. The event provided teachers from across the state an opportunity to experience different forms of art. The day was broken into a number of sessions, featuring various art mediums, from painting with paper and playing with paper mache, to creating clay whistles. Creative collaboration - how students can use the design process to create products that function as teaching materials for other students - was also discussed.

Sen. Jackson's health care bill vetoed in Maine Senate

The Maine Senate upheld Governor LePage's veto of a bill put forth by State Senator Troy Jackson. The bill would require insurance companies to include basic patient protections in coverage plans. The final vote was 17-16, falling short of meeting a two-thirds threshold to override a gubernatorial veto. Jackson introduced this legislation late last year after several attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act in the summer of 2017. The bill ensures that if anything happens to the ACA, these individuals would not be discriminated against by insurance companies. Jackson says Gov. LePage's dismissive attitude towards health care shows just how out-of-touch this administration is with the health care needs of Maine people.

Gov. LePage calls for moratorium on minimum wage increase

Governor Paul LePage is calling for a moratorium on Maine's minimum wage increase approved by voters in 2016.

Planning underway for BikeMaine 2018

The planning for BikeMaine 2018, a ride that will showcase much of the culture here in the County, is now underway. As NewsSource 8's Brandon Beville finds out, it's going to require a lot of help from the communities involved.


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