Get Up and Go: Horseback Riding

Daveson Perez went to Unbridled Faith Equestrian Center to talk horseback riding on this week's Get Up and Go
Published: Jul. 20, 2020 at 3:56 PM EDT
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Caribou, Maine (WAGM) -

Look around, what do you see? I see a lot of horses and you can ride them till you can't no more. Except, you'll have to hop off the Old Town Road and ride down West Presque Isle Road in Caribou to have the chance.

This is the Unbridled Faith Equestrian Center and riding horses isn't seasonal, it's year round.

(LD): "Built in's actually insulated so it usually stays 20 or 30 degrees warmer inside then it is outside. So with the exception of some really cold, windy days we ride year round."

Lauren Demerchant bought this property 2 years ago. Her children, especially her daughter Danica, have all taken to the family business. Unbridled Faith specialize in taking in mustangs, or wild horses. They rehabilitate and rehome these horses. They also have horseback riding instruction for people of all ages.

(Daveson Perez): How long have you been taking classes?

(SN): About a year?

(Daveson Perez): And what has you coming back?

(Samantha Nelson): Probably just the companionship you build. It's like a family."

Kate Ferszt is one of the instructors at Unbridled Faith. She recommends horseback riding because of the effect it can have on one's mental health.

(Kate Ferszt): "You just forget. There's just this level of healing and therapy that comes with just your mind kind of clearing and all you're thinking about is that you're on this huge animal and they're taking care of you and you're in control of it and I know for me it resets my brain."

What I'll never forget is my man "Never Believe in Luck" almost taking my camera, mid-interview.


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